Ordering & Pricing

Ordering: Contact me by e-mail and we will  discuss your desired bow, completion timing, cost and shipping.

Pricing: Base price is $350 plus shipping. Includes: Standard hunting bow or English long bow, wrapped leather or hemp cord handle, leather arrow rest, Flemish twist bowstring. Domestic shipping is $25 for PVC tube and USPS priority postage. Some bows require box and/or oversize shipping charges. International shipping at cost.

Bow upgrades include: Over 6′ length, over 70# draw, stitched leather handle, tip overlays or horn nocks, recurve tips, sinew, rawhide, snakeskin backing, take down system, yew & other exotic woods, extra bowstrings. Contact me for specifics and pricing.

$50 Discount for St Huberts Rangers and SCA  (with submission a photograph in outfit).

My bow guarantee is simple, I treat every customer like I would hope to be treated. No bow leaves my shop unless I am happy with it and would take it afield myself.  Wood bows can and occasionally do break. Broken bows are addressed on a case by case basis.