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Taurus Bows:  Wood bows from my shop. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Flat bow style have elliptical tiller, ELB (English Long Bow) style have full compass tiller.  NTN is “nock to nock” the measurement between string nocks. Listed draw weight is measured from the back of the handle (not AMO measure).

Shipping & handling lower 48 domestic add $25 unless noted oversize or special packaging. International shipping at cost.

To purchase a bow, contact me by e-mail. PayPal and personal checks accepted.



Osage flat bow  59″ NTN    52# @ 28″   Nels Grumley brush bow profile limbs (no brush nocks). Skived leather  handle TruOil finish. Ambush short hunting bow with good speed.                                                                           $375




Yew string follow flat bow    66″ NTN    50# @ 28″  Unbacked clear fine ringed yew, water buffalo horn tip overlays, TruOil finish. String follow sacrifices some speed for stability and sweetness. Howard Hill’s favorite style.                                                                                  $450



Yew flat bow     64″ NTN    57# @ 28″   Python backed, water buffalo horn tip overlays, stitched elk leather handle, TruOil finish. Sweet hunting weight yew bow. Python acts like rawhide to protect the sapwood back. Fast!      $625



Vine Maple flat bow     65″ NTN    52# @ 28″  Character bow with mid limb kinks. Leather wrap handle, pear wood tip overlays, TruOil finish. Vine maple is light in the hand and has good cast.                                                             $350



Osage T/D flat bow    61.5″ NTN    60# @ 28″    Take down sleeve system,  33″ disassembled, beeswax finish.
Short hunting bow with T/D for easy travel.    $450




Osage flat bow     62″ NTN     42# @ 28″  Primitive look, no handle wrap or rest, sapwood left as overlays at tips and handle, wax finish, linen string. This bow was made to rendezvous shoot specifications. Fine shooting target or light hunting weight bow.                             $350



 Osage flat bow    66.5″ NTN    58# @ 28″   Hunting weight bow, new but with darkening patina on osage. Leather wrap handle, TruOil finish. Hard hitting bow with solid feel. $350




Osage flat bow     65″ NTN    43# @ 28″   Static recurve with Grumley Deerslayer style tip underlays – layers of osage and walnut make string grove and brush nock.  This style was Fred Bear’s favorite before he started making fiberglass bows. Sinew backed with boa snakeskin. Thin glued leather handle. A piece of art that shoots as good as it looks.  SOLD