My name is Shaun Webb and I live near Iowa City, Iowa. I am retired. I don’t make bows “for a living”, it is an avocation.

Passions for hunting and working with wood have brought me to the world of wood bows.  I occasionally build a modern fiberglass bow, but wood selfbows are my calling. Osage is the finest bow wood available but I dabble with yew, vine maple, mulberry, ironwood, cedar and some other options.

I frequently check in with such websites as Tradgang.com and PrimitiveArcher.com and attend gatherings like MOJam. I am a regular contributor to Trad Archers’ World magazine with articles on selfbows.

When not in the shop I may be hunting/traveling…

January & February I’m in west Texas with Mule Creek Outfitting facilitating feral hog and native javelina hunts. September and early October I work with Mule Creek Outfitting in Wyoming. Early November is the white tailed deer rut here in Iowa…

Please be patient if you are trying to contact me – not much internet access in remote hunting camps. Thanks and Good Hunting!